Curiosity, Knowledge and Prophecy

Curiosity is a human trait which seems almost impossible to escape from, unless we distract ourselves. The mind has a tendency to explain things we do not really know too much about. This is why our mind creates different stereotypes to explain the phenomena around us. Science and academia seem to have the same aim that religion and spirituality have had in the past: explain the world around us (specific or general facts) by creating a coherent system of justified beliefs {knowledge}. Knowledge is made up of justified beliefs (see Kripke’s epistemology for instance; e.g. Also, by using modal logic and Kripke’s deduction model, it is possible for the individual to predict future possibilities which did not happened yet; some people may call such justified assumptions an oracle or prophecy. Pretty interesting, is it not?

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End of Art History?

There is no end of art history -or even of or history in general- unless time and evolution cease to exist; to be more specific, there is no end of art history as a progression/development. In the worst-case scenario there still is development in the human psyche, i.e. on psychological grounds.
Warhol sees and does art in a different way, compared to the ones who did art before him. He detaches himself from the classical process of art. His artworks express an awareness of the art process itself, and by doing this the classical subject of art is changed to a new one; the subject becomes a reflection and a questioning of the process itself. It is no more linked to the artist, to the one who does it. Awareness of the process is key to understanding Warhol; and once one is aware of the process and its limitations, one can develop the old subject into something new. The subject can be a simple object, you name it, or an individual (thus, it has some psychological implications) or a group (having sociological implications). As long as the development of human mind can be proved and kept track of (which includes our psyche/mind) there is a linear development of art history; no chaos, all is in order and perfect linear development. Or in other words, as long as there is life and evolution, art history still exists. And that is the beauty of it.

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beats & resuscitation

jump on my shoulders
let’s go to the seashore
it’s near us right now
can’t you feel it?

the knights between us have just fell down
we are freer than ever before
to explore more kingdoms
other ones

our heroes are alive again
they were swimming from the castles
so they are inside us now
waking us up
again and again

beats and resuscitation


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all is mold
nothing more
nothing new
deep breaths
taken more and more slowly
until rest
that’s all

is it?

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About Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is a strange feeling that we sometimes experience. Because this sensation/fact can be experienced by many people, and therefore for many times, it would be better to label déjà vu as a phenomenon. Nevertheless, to speak objectively about a phenomenon we must treat it phenomenologically (with the depth that this side of philosophy offers). The greatest mistake in treating/speaking about this issue is to make it more simple, to simplify it: when we do not know how to explain this phenomenon, we are used to appeal to the most common, known and simple explanation: reincarnation. But what if reincarnation –as an ultimate fact and reduced at extremes– is not rational. This means that you cannot say you have seen the same thing in another life as long as, perhaps, in a past life you were not a human. Moreover, that is impossible to remain the same, unchanged, as in the past life (or lives). Phenomenologically, the human being lives on multiple dimensions and he experiences more realities: for-itself (in/through consciousness – spirit) and in-itself (in/through the flesh – matter). We can know something through both reason (using our consciousness) and senses (using the physical body). When we do have a déjà vu, the information captured by the senses (e.g. sight) is lately delivered to consciousness, the true (authentic) existence – the essence. Next, when information arrives, delayed in a way, our brain has the feeling that it already experienced that thing. So, it really did do that thing but only in-itself, not for-itself (in consciousness). Thus, the present of consciousness is confused with the past of being-in-itself. To summarize, all of these represent just a way of how you can experience a déjà vu, and how it can be explained. Secondly, this phenomenon may come from the atemporal subconsciousness that reveals a further action to consciousness, either by dreams or something else (but only spiritually). Until that thing would happen to us we are not aware that the action has been revealed to us. Only in the moment when it is happening we do realize that we were prettified – that is also a déjà vu.

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Infinite possibilities

It is impossible for objectiveness (certain truth) to come out from subjectiveness or chaos (depends how you prefer to say). I am not talking about the impossibility of something to come out of nothing, but of objectiveness to randomly come out of chaos (chaos by its definition is relative). So, due to this nihilistic view, the only objective truth is that there is a chaos, randomly.

If you eliminate the possibility of an Objective Absolute-Being/Power (etc.) then all will split in a result with infinite possibilities, and also all will be relative and subjective.

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Free thinking. Atheism. Irony

As a free thinker you have to admit that you live in a world of infinite possibilities. Even as a radical sceptic, there is no doubt about that. Only a fool and narrow-minded person will refuse to believe it. à The irony is that the atheists nowadays, those who call themselves free thinkers and point out the fingers to religion as not being in this way, tend to be narrow-minded too – so certain about scientific knowledge. Consequently, it became more than a religion, and perhaps the most practiced/lived religion in the world. So they are more dogmatic and more religious in their beliefs of certainty and radical truths, more fundamentalist than more Christians, for instance.

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an old man writing to himself

like being unknown
crying its heart out
of a supermarket
as there are too many cases
of being uncaused or especially deceived
hypnotised by his unreal dreams
imposed by others in his cortex
like an opium for deep breathing

bells ringing electro

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lunatic song

lunatic song

dark matter body

just one glance

out of oneself

gone with hiroshima

on the last riverside

the curtain falls

empty dreamland

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Len at 7 am

Wwwhen you are waking up at 7 am in the morning

and you feel quite ridiculous

just because someone did not laugh

in one of your dreams that you dreamed about

the interesting thing is not interesting

but it is painfully true

that someone wants you but just into pieces

someone wants your body, your heart, or even your bones

or your place in heaven


why so many people think that it is just a life

without a meaning, without passion or senseful moments

perhaps in spite of this it is better to believe

in a videogame that is playing over and over

until it is written in front of your face ‘the end’, ‘come over, game over’

you have lost all that you could imagine

but you will never die

because you are already dead, we all are

until Someone finds us and

-from this unimaginary beautiful and imperfect world-


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